Two new power plants to come up in Purulia –

Two new power plants to come up in Purulia

Paschim Banga government is going to set up two pumping storage power projects in Purulia.

Capacity of 1000 mega watts and solar power plant of 250 mega watts at Bagmundi.

Swarup Nigam, chairman and managing director of WBSEDCL said.”There is one 896 mega watts Purulia Pump Storage Project (PPSP) and this new 1000 mega watts project will come up as a subsidiary to this project…” Narayan
Pumping storage power plant is a a Japanese technology and was successfully used in PPSP  where stored river water is used for power generation at night.


“The state is self sufficient as far as power is concerned but is looking to exploit different areas…” State minister of power and non-conventional energy Manish Gupta informed,


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