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FLOWEXPO 2015 – International Trade Fair for Valves, Pipe Fittings, Castings & Forgings

May 14-16, 2015 – Block C , Canton Fair Puzhou Complex, No. 980, Xin Gang Dong Road, Guangzhou, P.R.China

You are welcome to attend our FLOWEXPO!

FLOWEXPO, which is International Exhibition on Valves, Pipe Fittings, Castings & Forgings, was founded in March, 1997. We can attend this expo once a year at GUANGZHOU.

FLOWEXPO will provide you with good favor in exploiting market and seeking commerce opportunity! We can make sure that our exhibition will achieve greater effect, both the businessman and audience this year! If you want to book our showcase , please apply for it in advance; if you want to visit our exhibition ,you are welcome to register. Please contact with us as soon as possible.

Exhibition Profile

1. Exhibition scale:
estimated area of 15000 square meters, with about 300 exhibitors;

  1. Number of visitors:
    expected 10000 people, including about 8% of overseas visitors from more than 40 countries and regions;

3 Exhibition positioning:
an international trade show offering an ideal place for suppliers and buyers to meet, negotiate business, date customers and make cooperation;

  1. Exhibition honors:
    recognized bran trade show in Guangzhou City (subsidized by special funds of state financial department);

Global Import & Export, OEM, Distribution Agent, and Users Meet Fair Invited Visitors

We have sent out our invitations to over 2,000,000 target audiences. Purchasers, professional buyers and industry insiders from more than 40 countries will be present at the exhibition, to help the Chinese and foreign valve enterprises to promote brands, exchange technology, expand the market, establish sales channels and find partners.

  1. Trader, Importer and Exporter

We will invite purchasers, buyers, and import & export companies from more than 40 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Korea, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Vietnam and Mainland, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, to the fair.

  1. OEM / ODM / OBM

We will invite the global valve manufactures (OEM/OBM/ODM) and brand valve suppliers to the fair, to promote the internal cooperation of the industry.

  1. Distribution Agent

We will invite the domestic and foreign valve purchasers, traders, suppliers, dealers, agents, wholesalers, distributors, importers, and exports to the fair, to promote the establishment of the sales channels.

  1. Users

We will invite the valve users to meet in the fair, including users of energy, electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental protection, water treatment, construction, heating, ventilation, central air conditioning, fire protection, water supply and drainage, fuel gas, municipal services, water supply, gas supply, heat supply, pollution discharge, flood control, irrigation, pipeline, and installation, etc.

The expected interest to attend this exhibition is

  1. Meet your old clients and develop new clients.
    Find more distributors and agencies to build marketing channel and broaden the distribution network.
    3. Develop international trade and broaden imports and exports business.
    4. Meet and communicate with the consumers
    5. Meet the person in the same trade or occupation to develop OEM business.
    6. Propagate and popularize your brand , advance your popularity and esteem.
    7. Obtain the purchase information of project item and the tendering chance.
    8. Recruit the professionals in sell, technology and manage periods.
    9. Acquaintance new suppliers and cooperation partners.We will invite our audience from all kinds of trades such as petrol and chemistry, petrol-making, energy resources, electric power, pulping,paper-making, pharmacy, foodstuff, drinks, beer, light-industry, construct material , mining, metallurgy, water-supplying, steam-supplying, heat-supplying, environment-protecting, water-handling, industry equipment installing project, the long pipeline of petrol and natural gas project, architecture 、 water-supplying and draining 、 air condition 、 fire-fighting 、 gas-installed project and so on. The audience and exhibitors come from more than 30 countries and areas such as America, Germany, French, Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Spanish, Norway, Korea, and Singapore, and so on. Many people in the profession sing high praise for our exhibition with “special exhibition, corresponding audience and remarkable effect”, so more than one hundred famous newspaper presses, special magazines, trade websites and sponsoring institutions gave us great propagation and support. At the same time, the sponsoring institutions , together with Chinese concerned departments and guild, organized some famous experts from home to abroad to have technology lectures, and invited design institutions, project corporations, installing companies, imports and exports companies, business institutions, associations and academies to visit, make purchase and communicate.