Azbil Launches Sale of New Integrated Building Management Systems for Large-Scale Buildings Overseas -

Azbil Launches Sale of New Integrated Building Management Systems for Large-Scale Buildings Overseas

Azbil Corporation announces the development of its new savic-netTM for Integrated Building Management Systems (hereinafter “savic-net for IBMS”) for overseas markets, which will be available on October 1. Providing centralized control of all management systems installed in a large-scale complex, savic-net for IBMS delivers efficient, high-quality facility management, energy control, and management of tenant information.

More and more large-scale complexes overseas have been installing a large-scale integrated central control system (an IBMS) that collectively manages the control systems for utilities, air conditioning, sanitation, lighting, fire alarms, security alarms, public address, CCTV*, elevators, escalators, and car parks. Today, there is also a growing need for additional use of the data gathered by facility management systems in order to reduce the workload of facility operators, promote energy conservation, and manage tenant information.

Developed to meet such needs, savic-net for IBMS supports various kinds of international communication protocol standards including BACnet, Modbus, and OPC,** allowing easy connection to a wide variety of facility management systems, including those made by other companies. Furthermore, it incorporates Azbil’s building control application, whose performance has been abundantly demonstrated in Japan. With this application, savic-net for IBMS delivers a higher management quality while reducing the workload of facility operators, contributing to the safety, convenience and power conservation of large-scale facilities.

Azbil Corporation plans to utilize the sales chains of its affiliates in Singapore, Indonesia, and other Asian countries as well as in the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere in the Middle East to aggressively market savic-net for IBMS to large-scale complexes and high-rise buildings that are recognized as landmarks by the local public. Its goal is to receive 60 orders, equivalent to sales of 6.5 billion yen, in the next three years.