PROINSO Announces PPA Offer for Distributed Generation Projects in India
  • The finance will be available under PPA model for all projects above 100 KW across India.
  • The product will be flexible with Build Own Operate & Build Own Transfer finance models.
  • Recruitment and Training of more PROINSO Qualified Installers is under way for full national coverage of the model.

Proinso, leading global integrator, provides a major benefit to customers and its partners in India through a new funding program available under PPA model for projects above 100 kW.

The product will be flexible with Build Own Operate & Build Own Transfer finance models, and will permit customers to have the highest quality equipment and optimised system without the CAPEX hurdle.

Kunal Chandra, Director of PROINSO South Asia, highlighted the importance of this new service: “India has significant drivers in its solar market but there are hurdles which have slowed the deployment in distributed generation. Increasing availability on the already present grid is a challenge being met and we are proud to bring this new solution to the market. The bigger challenge is of course innovative financial model which will allow for rapid deployment of energy supply under IPP structure for off-grid medium size projects- we are working on this with absolute focus”.

Kunal Chandra goes on to explain “This financial product allows access to the very best of systems, without the CAPEX hurdle. We are a straight forward company and with long term commitment to India which is highlighted in our structure here. We only participates in clean business and have a life cycle perspective on all our projects and transaction as such we only work with partners whom share our level of integrity and deliver in both quality and service. We have delayed the launch of the funding in India to watch how global suppliers display the deserved respect for the India market and deliver on service. For us this is something we will not compromise regardless of reputation the company may have outside India”.

PROINSO will utilize its tier 1 qualified installers for project execution and is currently recruiting and training installers to partner with across India. PRESS CLIPPING PROINSO will supply Jinko Modules, SMA & ZeverSolar Inverters, Mecasolar trackers, roof-top as well as ground mounting structures in this financing program.

PROINSO has delivered more than 100MW in panels and inverters in India so far to more than 150 solar PV projects nationwide. In addition, the company has supplied modules and inverters to more than 500 roof-top and ground mount projects in India till date, including 6 PV-Diesel Fuel Save Solutions.

PROINSO is an integrator of inverters, modules, trackers, structures and batteries, manufactured by top brands like SMA, JinkoSolar, Yingli Solar, Trina Solar, MECASOLAR and Renusol, among other big names in the industry. Currently, the company’s International Network comprises as many as 2,494 Qualified Installers.