The City of Nawabs: New Governance, New Real Estate Opportunities –

The City of Nawabs: New Governance, New Real Estate Opportunities

We are pleased to present our latest research offering “Hyderabad 2022: Etching a New Development Path”. This report analyses the development potential of Hyderabad – starting from its growth drivers to the projects being planned and an overall requirement analysis for the real estate development in the city. We also share a few recommendations with the government for fulfilling the 2022 objective.

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Author Profile

Trivita Roy

Assistant Vice President, Research & REIS

Trivita Roy joined JLL Research team in 2007.

Based out of Hyderabad; she contributes to topical whitepapers, property

market digest and research deliverables on industrial, commercial, retail and residential real estate markets in India. She is also responsible for Indian real estate intelligence service (REIS). Trivita is trained as City Planner from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur besides being an architect and also holds a Diploma in Executive Global Business Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. She has more than eight years of experience in real estate research.

Srinivasa Reddy NS

Associate Director, Research and REIS

Srinivasa Reddy joined Jones Lang LaSalle in March 2008. Based out of Bangalore, he contributes to research

deliverables on office, retail and residential real estate markets. He is also responsible for working on bespoke projects. His expertise lies in the fields of analytical market research, econometric modelling and forecasting. Srinivasa holds a master’s degree in economics and has more than eight years of industry research and business consulting experience.

For information of Hyderabad

Sandip Patnaik

Managing Director, Hyderabad

Ashutosh Limaye

Head, Research and REIS

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