Modi's "Clean India" campaign having positive effects on Indian ceramics market

Modi’s “Clean India” campaign having positive effects on Indian ceramics market

  • India among top three countries for tile production
  • The most important global players have registered for Indian Ceramics

Right now, India is one of the top three countries for tile production. Seventy percent of all ceramic goods produced in the country are manufactured in Gujarat, and especially in Morbi. For the more than 600 ceramics companies in this region, Ahmedabad is the perfect place to hold Indian Ceramics.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi established the “Clean India” campaign on October 2, 2014. He did so to create and increase awareness about public cleanliness and hygiene among his fellow citizens. Among other things, his objective is to have all private households, schools and public buildings equipped with toilettes by the year 2019. Modi’s appeal is expected to give the Indian ceramics industry a great deal of momentum because, right now, approximately 594 million people—about half of India’s Population—do not have toilettes or bathrooms in their apartments.

In view of this campaign, Indian Ceramics is the perfect platform for all decisionmakers in the ceramics industry. As the leading trade fair for suppliers in the ceramics industry, it depicts the entire range of exhibits, from classic ceramics and raw materials to digital printing. Exhibitors present their latest technologies and innovations here. In addition, all important global players will be at the fair in Ahmedabad. Leading international manufacturers such as Beralmar, Cleia, Craven Fawcett, Cretaprint, Dorst, Eirich, Esmalglass-Itaca, Händle, H&R Johnson, Imerys, Netzsch, Sabo, SACMI, Saint Gobain, Sibelco, SITI B&T, Smalticeram, Smaltochimica, System, Torrecid and Verdes are among the companies that will be represented at Indian Ceramics.

In other worlds, Indian Ceramics 2015 is being held at exactly the right time and at exactly the right place for exhibitors and visitors alike.

“Particularly against the backdrop of this ambitious project initiated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, attending Indian Ceramics is a must for all decision-makers in the ceramics industry. It is where they find all the technical innovations as well as the plants and machinery they need to meet the challenges that they face,” confirms Werner Griebe, Managing Board, Duravit AG.

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