HouZone.com Launches India's First Personalized Home Construction Consultancy Website

HouZone.com Launches India’s First Personalized Home Construction Consultancy Website

www.houzone.com  a Division of Dahlia Projects & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. have launched their Online Construction Consultancy Portal in Bangalore on 26th January, 2015, which promises to help users across India, construct their homes, easily, safely and professionally.

HouZone.com is being promoted as ‘house zone’, a place where all the needs of a house construction and related fields will be available at a fraction of the cost or almost free. The portal promises to provide personalized Designs, Drawings, Step-by-step Engineering advice & Guidance and much more to help users construct their dream home, on their own. User’s get their own hub page through which they can contact the Technical Team for any construction related queries, get access to their drawings, order further services, keep all the information at one place for easy and anywhere accessibility.

Understanding the need to shift to technology and preparing for future, Dahlia Projects have introduced this concept that helps users to access the Construction related information from professionals rather than depending on unreliable & generic means.

Registration to this web portal is free and also offers Free Customized Home Plans, based on your needs and budget, apart from the ever growing number of Free Home Plans available to download and use. HouZone also recommends the right material and helps users connect to Construction Material manufacturers.

Ar. Ravi Siddhartha, one of the promoters of houZone.com mentions during the Launch “the best part of HouZone.com is that everything is personalized and the information provided is user specific. He foresees houzone.com to act as a bridge connecting users with the right manufacturer.”