Budget Expectations (series)

Budget Expectations (series)

David Walker, Managing Director, SARE Homes

“Given the Government’s first budget was after only being 45 days in office it was understandably full of intention. The expectations for substance and real change are running high and investors’ judgment will be harsher on this budget. The top priority will be plans to reduce the fiscal deficit in the medium term, which will further augment the case for interest rate reductions.

Key aspects to watch for on this are:

(i) spending the fall in oil price windfall wisely (with infrastructure the preferred beneficiary);

(ii) sale of state industries to the more efficient private sector and

(iii) better targeting of subsidies to ensure more actually gets to those in need whilst cutting their overall cost.


For Real Estate lower interest rates and an increased tax relief on EMI’s are the main stimulants for demand. Clarification and simplification of FDI investment rules and also taxation of REITS and Infrastructure Investment Trusts will help attract much need foreign capital for development of infrastructure / SMART Cities”.