Wall Putty – The Foundation Stone of Wall Finish

Wall Putty – The Foundation Stone of Wall Finish

The beauty of Taj Mahal mesmerises its viewers. They all praise the structure & architecture. However nobody thinks about the foundation stone,on which the beauty is placed.It’s one of the most vital elements for the structure which ensures that the magic is displayed to the world.

Similar to the foundation stone, wall putty plays a major role in enhancing the effects of a finished wall. It is the foundation of a good wall & can augment the “wow” effect.

What is Wall Putty?

Wall putty basically a wall coating which consist of White Cement, Dolomite & other enhancing chemicals.

In this article, we are simplifying the concepts &talk about the importance of using good wall putty manufactured by Walplast Products Private Limited.

The four basic parameters to a finished wall are

  1. Wall Designs – Smooth Surface Finish of the wall
  2. White base to ensure & enhance the paint’s finish
  3. Protection against dampness & salts
  4. Easy to maintain

Wall Designs& Surface finish

A good wall design has the correct use of blocks / bricks, mortar, cement, sand, plastering & load bearing strength. It ensures that the wall does not develop any major crack due to in-build stresses or structural load.

Surface finish improves only when the surface is smooth & does not have any micro mountains & valleys. When light falls on a smooth surface, it appears shining, however on a rough surface will appear dull.

In a finished plastered wall, there are multiple micro cracks, mounts, craters etc. which will disperse the light& not create a shining looks. The first job of putty is to fill up all such uneven levels & make the surface totally smooth. Walplast Putty acts as micro crack filler & prepares a base for the paint. The paint consumption is also reduced because it does not have to fill up those micro cracks.

White Base& Stencil Designs

Sometimes you may have wondered why certain walls look better than others. The quality & type of paint certainly has a big role to play, but even in the same paint type, the effect can vary. Paints are liquids & have minor transparency. Whiter the base, better the effect. Poor quality dull white putty will create a black board type effect for the paint & you may need multiple coats. However with Walplast putty, the whiteness is close to 90% & the superior finish can be achieved in lesser coats.

The market has multiply options & budgets to suit all pockets. Stencil Designs are commony used for creating themes. The base coat is putty & is very important in all types Stencil Designs. The whiteness of Walplast putty is a USP. This actually elevates the effect of Stencil Designs.


In addition to aesthetics, the putty acts as a thin film “wall” between the wall & the paint. It keeps the moisture, salts & cracks under a strong hold. Walplast would here like to specify that putty is not a water proofing solution because it cannot stop the source from producing the flow of water into the wall. Walplast also makes extra premium putty which protects the walls from efflorescence caused due to presence of salts in water.

Wall Maintenance

Poor adhesive properties can lead to paint peeling. This spoils the beauty & opens the need of repainting. It is also very important to wet the wall before applying putty to avoid powdering. Addition of polymers ensures long life & lower maintenance for walls. Walplast putty is approved by Singapore housing board which has the most stringent regulations.

Other Parameters

  1. Wall Putty Price

Though there are multiple manufactures & small scale industries which offer wall putty at extremely low prices, we wish to alert the readers that this is certainly not an item to save money. Commonly made mistake is to buy cheapest putty because the paint is anyway going to cover it. This mistake can lead to appearance issues as well as all other problems leading to repainting of walls. Always choose premium putty such as Walplast wall putty which gives the best value for money & removes the need of applying primer.

  1. How to apply Wall Putty

Though appears a simple mixing technique, it is very important to read all instructions mentioned on the pack. Masons need to be supervised. Mixing time should be as per instructions. The most common mistake done is by using the putty directly after mixing. It is very important to keep the mixture for 10 minutes for the polymers to get active. Then mix it again for 2 minutes & apply. Pre-wetting of the wall is compulsory or it will suck the water from putty, converting it into powder. Alwayscheck the manufacturing date before using because the shelf life of any white cement based product is only 6 months from the date of manufacturing. Only Walplast manufactures putty at multiple locations across India to ensure that you get a product which is well within use time slot.

In conclusion, we would say that a happy wall is like a beautiful structure with good foundation, which brings positive energy in the house & keeps the family happy. Use Walplast wall putty & get the foundation right. The rest, we are sure will follow.

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