Need to bridge gap between requirements and available solutions

Need to bridge gap between requirements and available solutions

“Quality along with cost-effectiveness remains a serious challenge. Moreover, the gap between the requirements of the construction industry and solutions available remains unfulfilled,” points out Ajay Mohta, GM, Construction Accessories Division, Supreme Industries Ltd. 

The role of organisations supporting the construction industry has become more prominent and critical. Ajay Mohta explains in detail product range offered by Supreme Industries, especially DURAfloorprotector and highlights importance of R&D department.

Procurement related activities

Exposure to world-class expertise and advent of global players has led to infusion of new materials, equipment and technologies in the construction practices in India.

“Quality along with cost-effectiveness remains a serious challenge. Moreover, the gap between the requirements of the construction industry and solutions available remains unfulfilled,” points out Mr Mohta. “To address this need, the Construction Accessories Division of Supreme has developed customised solutions specifically for the construction requirements of various segments.” 

Supreme’s product portfolio

“The products from Supreme ‘DURA’ range are known for their durability for the simple reason that they have been developed after strenuous interactions with experts in the field, studying current requirements and emerging trends to cater to the fast-changing demand scenario in the sector,” says Mr Mohta and explains the product range.

DURAboardHD100 is a crosslinked, pre-moulded, high-performance joint filler for structural expansion of joints in concrete bricks and block works. Apart from this, the company also makes available DURAvapourbarrier which is a high-performance multilayer microcell PE film for water vapour barrier applications.

Similarly, DURAprotector (membrane protection board), another product of the company which is chemically crosslinked block foam for protection of waterproofing membranes, liquid applied waterproofing membranes in horizontal and vertical applications.

DURAshield is a non-fibrous, fire retardant (FR), closed-cell; crosslinked polyethylene foam for spandrel insulation in glass facade buildings. DURAfill is an alkali-resistant, closed cell polymer-based board for black cotton soil barrier, weak soil foundation. DURAmembrane is for all types of waterproofing applications.

The latest addition to the portfolio is Durafloorprotector which is for protection of different type of floors. It is a closed-cell, polymer based microcellular foam, reinforced with high performance polymers and is an economical alternative to conventional products like paper, POP, cloth etc. The product provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic, vinyl floorings etc. 

Supreme ImageDURAfloorprotector and its benefits

Nowadays, people are spending up to 25 per cent of their interior design total budget on floorings and to preserve the beauty of expensive or even low cost flooring. It is quite obvious that it should be well protected till the total work gets completed.

Prior to electrification and plumbing work etc., flooring is done and during this work lot of dragging of equipment, small scaffolds and paraphernalia occur on tiles which can cause breakage of tiles/floors. Before the launch of this product, people were temporarily laying POP (Plaster of Paris) for floor protection and then removing it after the completion of work. Application of POP or removing the same is quite filthy, time consuming and tiresome job. It is also a known fact that POP has been banned by many organisations as its dust is very harmful for human beings and affects the lungs if it is inhaled which is bound to happen at site so the people like labours, architects, engineers etc. are bound to be affected. DURAfloorprotector has emerged as a good solution to face the issue.

DURAfloorprotector is an innovative technology that provides universal cushioned flooring protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl floors.  It is hassle- free compared to POP, rosin paper, plastic runners or drop cloths. Its anti-slip properties provide a safe work environment. It does not absorb paint, oil, grease and cleaning agents. It is flexible and can be cut to fit in any space and works well on either side-vacuum or sweep clean and reusable. It is environment friendly and does not promote growth of bacteria and fungi. It is inert and has no effect of chemicals.

Supreme Image 2“DURAfloorprotector keeps job site floors safe from damage and debris. It is reusable with reversible surface protection for the professional builder and craftsman. It protects concrete, marble, granite and other counter surfaces,” adds Mr Mohta.

DURAfloorprotector provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl floors during construction. It prevents hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet floors from damage during construction or remodelling. It protects sinks and tubs during building or remodelling. Also shields walkways and decks during home repairs. 

Acceptance of DURA range of products

DURA range of products have been very well accepted by all the leading architects, consultants, interior decorators, contractors, developers and builders as well as government and private organisations. There was a requirement by the industry experts for an alternative to conventional system with a satisfactory solution and our DURA range of products proved to be the most appropriate solution for the challenging applications in their projects. 

Distribution network

The company is having a vast distribution network all over India for its other range of products related to civil industry. Other than DURA range of products, the company is also engaged in manufacturing and marketing of various types of thermal insulation products as well as PVC/HDPE pipes and fittings which is a requirement of each and every project. So to cater all types of projects, it is having a very large distribution channel covering almost all the major towns and cities. In fact Supreme wants to increase its reach further as lot of new developments are ha
ppening in the country.

Mr Mohta adds, “People involved in trading/retailing of flooring tiles, plywood and other products related to interior decoration industry are being added in its network on an ongoing basis for our newly launched DURAfloorprotector so that it is easily available across the counter in each and every part of the country.”