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Recycling Is Much More Than An Opportunity. MB exhibiting at Ecomondo with a line of products for the complete recycling cycle. Forward-thinking Lavoisier, French economist and scientist, already in the 18th century he claimed ‘’Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed’’ signing the beginning of  The Law of Conservation of Mass. Basically, this concept developed in the circular economy  – which represent the key theme of Ecomondo fair. An event where MB Crusher will exhibit its range of products with the Triple R System, the system that reduces, reuses and recycles inert material directly at the construction sites.

Recycling Is Much More Than An Opportunity
Recycling Is Much More Than An Opportunity

Hall C5, stand 130. MB Crusher will display some of the most representative models of this special range: crusher and screening buckets from 2.6 to over 70 tons, buckets crusher and screeners for skid steers and backhoe loaders from 2.8 to over 6 tons; rotary handling grapples for excavators from 6 to 25 tons. With MB product line the complete aggregate recycling cycle can take place directly on site, simplifying crushing, screening and handling operations. Because the crushers, the screeners a the grapples are all applied directly to the heavy equipment available and work using the machine hydraulic supply, as attachments they simply plug-in and work. Nowadays, construction and demolition waste accounts for around 30% of all waste produced in Europe.

As a result, many European countries impose new laws to force companies to recycle. Moreover, new laws are emerging all over the world that aim to reduce the percentage of waste to recycling. Continuing to accumulate inert material and not managing it has become an unsustainable cost for our planet. It is a corporate duty to support disposal and reclaiming costs, to promote sustainable development and to respect the environment and people rights. There is a new way to operate, practical and effective: reduce to recycle, invest in order to save money. MB Crusher bucket crushes debris and excavation materials in the same construction site that produced them. Thus, a company avoids moving the material from the site to the landfill. It can easily respect the trucks passage limitations imposed by Municipalities. And also it respects the environment because it does not pollute or exploit its resources.

Bricks, mortar, cement, tuff, marble any many others. MB Crusher bucket transforms the stones into different sizes, adjusting on what the site requires. If necessary an iron separator installed directly on the bucket separates inert from the iron, further reclaiming all different products. Meanwhile, the nebulizer reduces airborne dust particles. Both kits are operated directly from the cab of the heavy machinery. Thanks to these technological systems MB products can work without problems in closed environments (for example inside warehouses and galleries) and in urban and historical centers. With the MB screening bucket, the material is cleaned, ready to be reused. Or separation can be done before crushing, this simple step reduces crushing time by 60%. Two units that can be considered a perfect synonym for recycling. Choosing a crusher and a screener bucket MB  as part of your fleet will allow you to reduce, reuse and recycle every type of material. This is how demolition waste becomes a productive resource in a construction site: can be used to fill the foundations of the new construction, to fill trenching lines, to adjust road surface, or even as decoration elements in gardening. Whenever it does not find an immediate application purpose, it becomes a revenue font: it can be sold to other companies. Recycling is much more than an opportunity. It is the seventh most important resource in the world. It stops the progressive impoverishment of the planet. The idea to spread in the world is that enhancing inert material is the real wealth. It is more and more a solution: for people, for the environment, for companies.

MB Crusher: stand C130 HALL

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