CMC Introduces Mural Walls -

Exclusive Stone Carvings Using Stone Art Technology.

CMC Introduces Mural Walls
CMC Introduces Mural Walls

CMC Introduces Mural Walls. Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced its exquisite Mural Wall collection, consisting of intricately carved designs on stone surfaces. Launched under the Stone Art series, the Mural Wall products are wall cladding applications available in both natural and engineered marble, granite, quartz and porcelain slim slabs.

Stone Art uses computerised technology for carving with high pressure water jet. CMC Introduces Mural Walls.. The water jet effortlessly carves and shapes even the most complicated designs and seamlessly sculpts the designs on the stone. The stone cutting technology works even with an abrasive surface and has many advantages, including high precision cutting and designing complex shapes.

Marble and other such stones designed with Stone technology are a beautiful and extravagant addition to any space or interior. The designs easily etched into stone complement the idea of redesigning contemporary living spaces with remarkable beauty and strength. These can be used to design mural walls in 2D and 3 D flooring patterns, wall elevation panels, designer wall panels, and designer table tops among others.